"Bold coffee for bold defenders of the 2nd amendment"
The American Roaster

Savoring the Outdoors: The American Roaster’s Journey from Hunting Trip to Coffee Brand 

Savoring The Outdoors: The American Roaster’s Journey From Hunting Trip To Coffee Brand

In the heart of central Florida, as the sun started to hint its arrival and birds began to chirp, a group of friends stood outside their tent. They were preparing for a day’s hunt, and while they checked their gear, a steaming cup of coffee kept them company. Over the years, this had become more than a mere tradition. This morning ritual of sipping coffee in the wild outdoors had become a symbol of freedom—the freedom to hunt, to shoot, to savor every bit of nature’s magnificent creation. And as they reveled in this freedom, an idea was brewing alongside their coffee.

What if there was a coffee brand designed specifically for like-minded souls? For those who truly believe in our Second Amendment rights. Or for those who have an undying love for the outdoors, for hunting, shooting, and, most importantly, for freedom. This thought was the seedling that soon grew into what we know today as “The American Roaster”.

The Message Behind Every Sip

From its inception, The American Roaster was more than just a coffee brand. It stood for freedom, passion, and the rights we hold dear. Centered around the 2nd Amendment, slogans like “wake up and smell the freedom” and “I PLEAD THE 2ND” quickly became the main part of its core message. Even the name of their signature blend, the 1791 Medium Roast, pays homage to the year the Bill of Rights was signed.

1791 Medium Roast Ground Coffee: America’s Freedom in a Cup

Sourced from the high elevations, the brand uses the robust and quality-dense Colombia Supremo coffee bean. A unique triple roasting process involves light, medium, and dark roasts being blended together. This not only creates a blend bursting with flavors but also tells a story in every sip. From the caffeine-rich light roast to the bold aroma of the dark roast, every flavor note is a chapter in the brand’s story. And at $15.99 (or $14.49 on subscription), it’s a story worth sharing.

Experience Freedom: 1791 Medium Roast Ground Sample Pack

For those new to The American Roaster’s tale, the brand offers a sample pack, aptly named the “America’s Freedom Pouch”. This 2-ounce pouch is a perfect introduction to their coffee’s depth and character. The best part? The coffee is free; all you pay is a modest shipping cost of $3.95.

1791 Medium Roast K-cups: Freedom, One Cup at a Time

Understanding the evolving needs of coffee lovers, The American Roaster’s signature blend also comes in K-cups. Each pod, priced at $14.99 for a 12-pack box (or $13.49 on subscription), contains 10% more coffee compared to other premium brands, ensuring a heartier taste and experience.


The American Roaster’s journey from a hunting trip in Florida to a beloved coffee brand encapsulates the spirit of freedom, passion, and the American way of life. If you’re a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment, an outdoor enthusiast or simply someone who appreciates a good cup of coffee, The American Roaster invites you to “wake up and smell the freedom.”


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