"Bold coffee for bold defenders of the 2nd amendment"
The American Roaster

American Roaster 1791 Pods


America’s Freedom Cups

Our pods contain our signature medium roast blend coffee as our 12oz bags, plus each pod contains 10% more coffee verses the other premium brand pods on the market, so you can enjoy a bit more of our premium signature blend coffee with every cup. Wake up and smell the Freedom!!!

We utilize the iFillCup for our pods, they have a larger fill capacity and filter, which means richer brews and better flavor. Wake up each morning and smell the Freedom!!!

*Compatible with single serve brewers

**NOT compatible with Ninja brand brewers**

• 12 Count Pods



Wake Up And Smell The Freedom!


It will always be our Right to Bear Arms, just like it’s your right to drink coffee that supports true Americans. We are fed up with corporate coffee companies that lie to us and support Anti-2A and Anti-American groups. Here’s to your new cup of Freedom!!!


Get our 1791 coffee in your mug and smell the freshly roasted freedom yourself. Just cover shipping and it’s yours.

The American Roaster - 1791 Coffee


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The American Roaster - 1791 Coffee

We start with a high elevation, quality dense Colombia Supremo coffee bean.  We do three different roasts and blend them together, creating a triple roasted blend of the same single origin coffee.  Our premium signature blend is made up then of this single origin bean, light roasted, medium roasted, and dark roasted to produce a cup with incredible flavor and depth.

The light roast has a unique flavor and the most caffeine, the medium roast has its own flavor characteristics but brings the natural sweetness of the bean to the cup, and lastly the dark roast lends the boldness and aroma to the cup.

2 ounce pouch